At D.C. Durrence Farm we operate a u-pick or we pick vegetables. Our customer base has expanded from just locals to customers who travel over 100 miles to come pick our vegetables.We are thankful that a large portion of our business is comprised of "Repeat Customers" who return year after year for our farm fresh vegetables.
Schools,church, and civic groups are always welcome. Hay rides around the farm are avaible ( kids get a kick out of seeing our cattle up close); this is a special treat for our school kids during strawberry season.
For those who want to experience u-picking but have never been on a farm we are glad to give suggestions as to how to pick mature fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables are picked daily for those who cannot or do not want to pick their own.
Our hours of operation are from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday thru Saturday. However, you are welcome to come anytime during daylight hours. We have a honor box to leave the payment in when we are not available.
Most of our vegetables are grown over black plastic beds which helps in fighting weeds and makes picking easier.

We grow a wide varity of fresh fruit and vegetables. 
Our line up consists of
strawberries, blackberries, cantaloupe, honeydew melons, watermelon, staked tomatoes, Vidalia sweet onions, squash, cucumbers, zucchini, irish potatoes, garden peas, snap beans, sweet corn, okra, eggplant, hot sweet and bell peppers, mustard, and turnip greens. We also have fresh pecans from our trees.
Several varieties of each are grown so we always have a wide range of choices.

For those of you in the Savannah, Ga area that would like to experience some of our farm fresh products visit

Local 11 Ten Restaurant

located at 1110 Bull Street in Savannah,GA.

D.C. Durrence Farms invite you to come and visit us for high quality produce at very reasonable prices.
And remember our motto:

" It Doesn't Get Any Fresher".

Here is a list of when our fruits and vegetables are in season. This will give you a general guide of when our products will be ready.

Strawberries,Green Onions
 Starting in March.

Blackberries, Squash, Cucumbers, Zucchini, and Garden Peas.
Starting in April

Irish Potatoes, Snap Beans, Sweet Corn, Okra, Eggplant, Cantaloupe, and early Tomatoes
 Starting in May

Watermelon, Honey Dew Melon, Peppers, Peas, and Tomatoes
 Starting in June

We try to keep fresh produce available until the first of August.

Fall produce starts in October with Squash, Cucumbers, Mustard and Turnip Greens



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