All Grass Fed
Individual Cuts Price List


  • Cube Steak                                                         $8.00lb
  • Chuck Eye                                                          $10.00lb      
  • Flank                                                                    $12.00lb
  • Flat Iron                                                              $13.00lb
  • New York Strip                                                 $15.00lb
  • Porter House                                                     $17.00lb
  • Ribeye                                                                  $15.00lb
  • Hanger                                                                 $12.00lb  
  • Skirt                                                                      $12.00lb
  • T-Bone                                                                 $15.00lb
  • Tenderloin                                                         $20.100lb             Top Sirloin                                                         $12.00lb


  • Bottom Round                                                  $10.00lb
  • Chuck Roast                                                       $11.00lb  
  • Rump                                                                    $9.00lb


Various Cuts

  • Short Ribs                                                           $7.00lb
  • Beef Stew                                                             $8.00lb
  • Boneless Brisket                                               $10.00lb
  • Fajita                                                                     $7.00lb  
  • Ground Beef 90% lean 1lb packs                $9.00lb
  • Beef Sausage                                                       $5.00lb

Organs And Such

  • Liver                                                                      $4.00lb
  • OX Tail                                                                  $8.00lb
  • Neck Bones                                                          $4.00lb 
  • Soup Bones                                                          $3.00lb
  • Tongue                                                                   $3.00lb


All meat is individually wrapped and sold by the pound.

* All steaks are cut one inch to one and a quarter thick with the exception of the cube steak.

**The cube steak is about 2lbs  per package.


Call or email for availability on the above cuts.

Prices subject to change at any time.




You can order our beef individually wrapped and by the pound. Ordering can be done a few different ways, by email, stop by the farm, or one of our location in Jacksonville,FL. or Fernandina Beach Fl. Their is no Minium order if you stop by the farm or our location in Jacksonville,FL or
 Fernandina Beach, FL..   
We will need the order form filled out and signed in order to process your order. We provide shipping as well; it will arrive by UPS or FEDX packed in dry ice. If we ship to you we require a $20.00 Minium order.  
To place an order: select your cuts,  fill out the form below, then click the submit button. We will send you an email confirmation and then contact you by phone or email with the details.
At this time, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, local check, and  Cash.

                                            ORDER FORM

                                                          J.D. BEEF
                                      D.C. DURRENCE FARMS 
                                       14381 HWY 301 Glennville,GA 30427

 Steaks:                                               Quantities
 Tenderloin:                                             lb.
 New York Strip:                                     lb.
 Porter House:                                         lb.
 T-Bone:                                                    lb.
 Ribeye:                                                      lb.
 Eye Round:                                            
 Flat Iron:                                                 lb.
 Top Sirloin:                                             lb.
 Sirloin Tip:                                              lb.
 Shoulder Tenderloin Fillet:                 lb.
 Skirt:                                                         lb.
 Flank:                                                       lb.
 Cube:                                                         2 lb.

 Eye Round:                                              lb.
 Bottom Round:                                       
 Chuck:                                                      lb.
 Rump:                                                       lb.

 Miscellaneous :
 Boneless Brisket:                                     lb.
 Ground Beef 90% lean 1lb:                      1 lb.
 Stew Meat:                                                  1 lb.
 Fajita Meat:                                                1 lb.



  Zip Code:

  Phone Number (Home):   
  Email Address:  

      I want my order shipped to the address above.(additional charge)
      I request delivery.(additional charge based on distance.)
      I will pick up at D.C.Durrence Farms in Glennville,Ga.
        I will pick up my order in Fernandina Beach Fl.
       I will pick up my order at Riverside Arts Market.


  Date of order:                              

                                  Danny Durrence 912-237-1041  (In Georgia)
                                     Steve Joseph     904-591-9119  (In Florida)





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