J.D. BEEF is all natural Angus beef, and free of hormones,

antibiotics, steroids and vaccinations; our cattle run free in a
low-stress environment. How can we do this?  We own our
own bulls. We have had a closed herd for 10 years; we do not
share our borders with any other cattle operations.  Our
herd has no outside additions, and we raise all of our cattle on 
the farm.
Our calves are raised from birth with one thing in mind
  "Top Quality Beef". 

Our cattle lead a sheltered life.  We are pleased with this
We design our beef products by the breeding
and selection decisions we make.
Our herd is pasture grazed
in summer on Bermuda grass. In the winter, rye and rye-
grass as well as hay are always available to keep the herd on a
healthy diet. A good source of minerals is always available to
our animals. Our animals always have plenty of fresh water which originates on the farm.
 Because our farm is product driven, we only harvest our beef when it is ready.
We have around 100 brood cows, and about 80% of their
young make the cut to be finished. We handpick the steers to
be used for our beef. We look for great confirmation, a
wonderful disposition, and an all over "picture perfect" look.  A
good 90% of companies sell all natural beef of unspecified
age, making the taste and texture tougher than what we sell.
All of our beef comes from cattle less than two years of age;
according to the USDA, less than 30 months is ideal. This
provides a better quality beef with a fresh taste, consistent
marbling. and a fabulous texture. Being less than two years of
age eliminates the chance of certain diseases in the cattle as

We invite you to come by the farm and take a look at our herd!

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